BtoTree has already becoming the next-generation site connecting B2B networks. The platform, which allows small, local businesses from anywhere in the world to showcase their work and connect with international buyers — all for zero cost — is the first of its kind.

BtoTree doesn’t restrict small businesses to annual expo events or costly business trips, but offers its users a faster, lower-risk and more dynamic way to build meaningful and productive business relationships online. The sign-up is free and they can connect with businesses all over the world for zero cost.

BtoTree World EXPO. The Global B2B Network

The BtoTree WORLD EXPO extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities focused around any location, category and interest.

We have simplified the process for your business to be visible on a global scale. BtoTree World EXPO is a global online B2B platform where businesses have unprecedented opportunities to network, build relationships, promote products, and create opportunities around the world. It extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities. Join the world’s online B2B community. It’s easy to start and it’s Free!

So how does it all work? Basically, a business can sign up to promote their products on the site. They can join categories of products to be easily searchable, join online expos to build a community and use the keyword search for other businesses to connect with. There’s even a direct chat function to reach out to other sellers.

The Most Versatile Trade Exposition

BtoTree makes brands international instantaneously because it is already connected with a global B2B network.

Businesses can easily create a stunning showcase of your products and services with no technical skills. It is a lead generation page that allows you to run worldwide advertising. Once set up, your online showcase is always on. Your products are shown in multiple expos on our network simultaneously based on location and industry, so that buyers and partners around the world can find you easily.